Restoration & Repair

If you have stained or leaded glass in your home or business that’s in need of restoration and/or repair, the experts at Stained Glass Unlimited can handle fixing it up for you to make it look like new again. Stained Glass Unlimited specializes in restoring, redesigning, and rebuilding stained or leaded glass that has been damaged in some way over the years. Whether you need a tiny repair made to a stained glass window or a more extensive restoration project completed, Stained Glass Unlimited is the company you can trust for restoration and repair.

Stained Glass Restorations and Repairs

For more than 35 years now, Stained Glass Unlimited has been providing superior restoration and repair services for those whose stained and leaded glass that has seen better days. The next time you need stained or leaded glass restored or repaired, allow Stained Glass Unlimited to come out and take a closer look at it. Stained Glass Unlimited will make suggestions as far as what can be done to fix it and talk to you about matching the original glass in your stained or leaded glass so that it looks the same way it did when it was first installed.

Stained Glass Unlimited can make repairs for you on-site or take care of them in-house when necessary. Either way, they will work quickly to restore your stained or leaded glass while also maintaining an unprecedented attention to detail. Restoring and repairing stained glass will improve the look and feel of your home or business and ensure that the glass doesn’t chip, crack, or break any further.


Contact Stained Glass Unlimited at 972-625-3416 today to schedule stained or leaded glass restoration and repair or email  for more information on the glass repairs Stained Glass Unlimited can provide.