Custom Stained Glass Services

We offer a variety of additional services for interior designers, builders, home owners, and the hobbyist.

Custom Design

We design custom stained,beveled and leaded glass artwork tailored to your specific needs. Visit our Custom Gallery for some examples.

Restoration and Repair

We can restore, repair, re-design, or rebuild your damaged stained or leaded glass. We will try to match original glass when available. Repairs can be handled in-house or on-site, depending on the need. Send us an email at for more information on our glass repairs.


Visit our Class Room page for a wide variety of classes. If you need something that is not offered, we may be able to arrange some special small group or one-on-one training tailored to your need.

Cabinet Glass

We can help you select a leaded glass pattern for your cabinet fronts. We can also cut a pane of clear textured or colored glass to fit your cabinets and install it for you. We also offer any size or thickness of glass shelves you require.

Sand Blasting / Etching

Another interesting way to create glass designs is to sandblast etch and carve glass. We can create any type of glass etching project, from simple lettering and images, to complete carving projects.