Custom Design

Would you like to install custom stained glass in one of the windows or doors in your home? Or do you own a business, a church, or another establishment that could benefit from having custom stained glass installed in it? Equipped with more than 35 years of experience, Stained Glass Unlimited is the company you can turn to for all your custom stained glass needs. Stained Glass Unlimited specializes in designing custom stained, beveled, and leaded glass artwork and can provide you with the glass products that you’re interested in installing in your home or business.

Custom Stained Glass Tailored to Your Needs

As you can see when you browse through this custom stained glass gallery, Stained Glass Unlimited is capable of creating a wide range of custom stained glass windows. Whether you want something relatively simple for a small window in your home or something that tells a story for your business, Stained Glass Unlimited can come up with creative designs that will fit your needs. Stained Glass Unlimited will sit with you and talk to you about your specific stained glass ideas before working tirelessly to bring them to life. You’ll be left with a stained glass creation that you’re truly proud of in the end.
No matter how big or small you want your stained glass window to be, you can count on Stained Glass Unlimited to come through with an excellent finished product. Over the last three decades, Stained Glass Unlimited has worked closely with home and business owners, interior designers and builders, and even hobbyists and provided them with custom stained glass services. Let us customize stained glass for you so that you can add a beautiful piece of artwork to your home or business.
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