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Professional Plano Texas Custom Stained Glass Windows services. Creating Custom Stained Glass Windows, Beveled and Leaded Art Glass in the Plano Texas area for over 35 years.

The custom stained glass design process is a collaborative effort between you and our design
representative. The process results in custom stained windows to your liking.

Stained glass windows in Frisco TX

Our stained glass windows reflect a variety of styles of original designs and the finest quality
craftsmanship. They are used in homes and public places to enjoyed for many generations.

The custom stained windows design outline

The design process takes the steps, as shown below:

1) Interview

You inform the designer on the piece you find interesting. Follow up questions: The size of the piece, the room setting, colors, and styles you like, and your budget. The interview gives the designer and understanding of your needs and forms the next steps.

2) Come up with ideas

The designer will work with you to come up with ideas of what you like. These can be from your pictures or from one of our pattern books or a photo you found online. The designer will discuss with you the features you like and what you don’t like. The ideas will give the designer a better understanding of your requirement.

3) Preliminary design

The designer will come up with rough designs of the stained windows using the information gathered. The designer will ask for your feedback on the designs. If satisfactory, we’ll do estimates for the designs.

4) Final design

The final design is ready after extensive consultation between you and the designer. At this point, the designer will meet you to discuss colors and the type of glass to be used. A formal quote and a final rendered design are made available to you.

After completing this process, your custom stained window is scheduled for production in our studio in The Colony Texas, very close to the city of Plano Texas.

Design professionals

We enjoy working with Builders, Interior designers, homeowners, and hobbyists. With a finished design available, our team will quickly input it into our CAD system and give a quote. Our designer will is available for advice at any stage and work with you as you need.

Custom stained glass window cost considerations

The complexity of the Custom Stained glass window will increase the cost of the project. Other factors to consider that affect the cost are listed below, and working with our designer, you can use these variables to meet your budget.

Window size

– The larger the window, the more materials it will consume.

Number of pieces

– The more the pieces, the cost will also increase.

Size and shape

– A piece may be small but with complex designs making it more expensive to produce.

Glass type

– Opaque glass is difficult to cut and will need more labor to cut to shape

Glass manufacturer

– Glass type and colors vary greatly with the manufacturers.

If you would like us to custom-make your stained glass windows, get in touch with us.
Our design team will help you create your preferred design and style.

We have a variety of original  stained glass windows styles to help make your choice.
We also offer stained glass repair services.