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I first met Denise Feeney over ten years ago when I was searching for a stained glass artist to expand an existing stained glass panel. The result was stunning. It was just what I wanted. A few years later, I was appointed as pastor at First United Methodist Church, in The Colony, where Denise has her business – Stained Glass Unlimited. When our church expressed an interest in stained glass windows and wanted an original design – something no one else had – we went to Denise. Denise listened carefully to concepts, studied initial sketches, and conferred with all interested parties. The first window was amazing! The congregation wanted more….and so began an ongoing relationship between the congregation and the artist. Denise is a great craftsman who knows her glass. She is a good listener, who is patient and aims to please. The result is wondrous. Denise delivers!

The beauty of Denise Feeney’s creation speaks for itself. It brings magic to the kitchen. What does need to be celebrated is her process of creation. She began with well-focused questions to discover what was wanted. She offered a first look at colors. Her design captured what we wanted but could not describe. With the design approved she took a look at the kitchen. She brought a treasure of glass, often with only subtle difference in color and density. Again with great skill she worked her magic. She is a master of glass, light and color. She is also an artist who invites the collaboration of her clients.

Denise, I just wanted to tell you we LOVE our stained glass. It is perfect. We appreciate your patience with us and are super happy with the end result. - Earlene

Dear Denise and Team! Thank you again for the wonderful craftsmanship you put into replicating the stained glass window in our Chapel for our founding leaders as they left for a new season in their lives. You did an amazing job AND met the nearly impossible deadline…THANK YOU! I wanted you to know that Fran, the original designer, was absolutely thrilled with your design. In fact, she told me later that she loved the colors you found to recreate the window and said it was absolutely perfect. She and Fr. David were both thrilled and very humbled. They are excited to put it on display in their home and enjoy it for years to come. So, THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts! Warm regards, - Linda